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Boat excursions can be arranged through the hotel including snorkelling, sightseeing and fishing. Some excursions (all day) include a barbeque on nearby Sister Island with the possibility of seeing turtles in the water off the island of Felicite. An unforgettable experience. Half-day trips usually last around four hours and visit Coco Island to the north of La Digue, perfect for snorkelling. Experienced guides are available for the intrepid walker and can take you on a full day hike through the forests of La Digue. On these trips you will experience the varied flora and fauna that exists on the island. If a guide is not for you, then take a walk to the top of Nid A'igles (Eagles Nest), some 333 metres high and experience the amazing views over Praslin and Mahe

When weather conditions are favourable it is possible to hire small sailing dinghies to explore the local reefs.
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