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My wife Mary and I decided to give up the hectic pace of life in London and "semi-retire" to the beautiful island of la Digue in 1995. For Mary, it was something of a homecoming being a native of the island. Being a Scot , I was only too keen to change a life of cold winters for a life in Paradise. Although neither of us had previous experience in the tourism business we decided to give it a try and built four self-catering bungalows and opened for business in June 1997. In October 2007, a further four bungalows were completed together with a new reception/office, day room (for guests departing later in the day), kitchen and laundry.

The staff at Fleur-De-Lys work as a team, striving to keep the hotel to a high standard. Should you decide on a long stay or only one night you can be assured of a warm welcome and you will find the staff friendly, accommodating and helpful and that they will do their best to make your stay an unforgettable one.
Fleur-De-Lys is basically a self-catering hotel, and does not have a restaurant (there are restaurants nearby). The hotel, however, can provide breakfast served on your veranda. Breakfast can be confirmed either at the time of your reservation or on arrival.

Security for the hotel is provided for by a security officer at night, CCTV cameras and an infra red security beam around the property to ensure that the guests can relax in a worry free atmosphere.

Ron Henry

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